Monday, August 6, 2012


Africa is one of my "Must visit" places. I probably won't get there until I'm an old man, but I still want to go there someday.

Two of my favorite YouTubers, Devin Graham and Lindsey Stirling, traveled to Africa recently to make a bunch of videos. They captured everything about the continent that makes me want to visit it so much. From the people, to the landscape, and most of all, the wildlife, these videos are just amazing. I've watched them multiple times, and I thought that others would enjoy seeing them all as well. :)

This first one may be my favorite. Africa is so often stereotyped as a poverty stricken nation where everyone is skin and bones, everyone is dying of AIDS, and everyone is miserable their entire lives until they die, usually while still in childhood. There may be some areas like that, but it is not the entire continent. There are plenty of happy places as well. No country (Or continent) is perfect. America has places that are just as miserable as Africa is stereotyped to be. We just don't like to think about it.
Anyway, the reason this video is so good, is that it completely disproves the misery myth. I love watching the little children as they interact with Devin and his camera. No one who watches this can help but smile. :)

Devin released a behind the scenes video just about this video to explain how he got the children to smile so much. It was well worth watching. :)

Lindsey's video is, of course, a music video with her playing her violin. The song is Rihanna's "We found Love" but with a beautiful African twist. I love it when when artists take a well know song and add their own twist to it. Especially an African twist.

While I'm writing about African music, I will link to another of my favorite videos, an African version of Coldplay's "Paradise" done by the Piano Guys. It is amazing.

This next video is everything I love about Africa all wrapped up in one amazing short film. I guess you could call it a music video as well, but it's not a specific song, it's just an instrumental with African vocals. But it is beautiful.

Devin made a much longer behind the scenes video that covered their whole trip and showed all the places they visited, and everything they did. It looks like an amazing experience!

At the end he teases that there is one more music video still to come. I can't wait to see it!

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