Tuesday, August 7, 2012

U Spel bad

Facebook, YouTube’s comment sections, and just texting in general, bring out the worst spellers. In this blog post I decided to compile actual examples of grammar butchery that I found all over the internet. Weep for our illiterate nation, my friends. Weep mournfully.

Unsurprisingly, this list is far from complete. I actually have a lot more examples than this. This post was pretty fun to put together, so I'm planning to keep doing them. Once I have another 20 I'll do another post.

In case you can't figure out what a word might have been before it was butchered, I put most of them in bold for your convenience.


I'm pretty sure the word you're looking for is POLITICIAN. Unless you're collecting signatures to ban polo ponies...


There's a RUMOR going around that you flunked pre-school. I tend to believe it's true.


Yeah, I'll ask Lindsey Stirling, but I really don't think that's how you spell that.


If you assume your spelling is AWESOME, you assumed very wrong.


I’m waiting PATIENTLY for the people of the internet to learn how to spell. I think I will be waiting a very long time.


Really? You really want to spell it that way? What a tragedy.


I’ll give you a spelling lesson for 20 dallors. Trust me, that's a bargain for all the help you need...

watch u gonn a see?

Upon reading this, I immediately began weeping uncontrollably.

Happy Gropundhog Day!

This sounds like a very inappropriate holiday. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Whop! Whop!

Um... Despite your intended meaning, you do not sound like you are cheering because something great happened, instead, you sound like you are beating someone with a large, thoroughly soaked beach towel...


I believe you may have been referring to that theory where dinosaurs turned into birds, and monkeys turned into people, but it looks like you are recommending Eve's rash cream.


Please, please proofread, or you are PRONE to leave very unfortunate mistakes like this in your posts.


This horrendous misspelling of the word GROWN makes me groan.

i dont belive in that ****** fairy tale book calld bibble.

Apparently you don't believe in spelling or grammar either.


Sometime it feels like TORTURE, reading all of these misspellings.


I am APPALLED by what passes for spelling these days. It's like they don't even try.


You just RUINED a perfectly good word.


I wish you had OBSESSED over your textbooks while you were in school.


A good BRAINWASHING would do you some good if it would make you realize the value of proofreading.

lol i hade so much laf

If you weren't being serious here, I would hade so much laf too. Instead, I hade so much cry.

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