Sunday, September 16, 2012

Portfolio Class / School Update

So, I realized that I never did fill any of you in on my Portfolio class. The first class was held on the day we left for Worlds and Oceans of Fun, and I have not finished the post about that yet, so it completely slipped my mind to do a separate post about school.

On the first day we ended up meeting in our teacher’s office, since Joel and I are the only two students in the class. The class is basically going to help us prepare to move on to the next chapter of our lives whether that be with a job, or more education. We’ll put together a portfolio, and discuss schools. We will also have two teachers. Rob and Jesse. Since Joel and I are the only two students, we are changing the time of the class to Wednesday after our other class gets out. That way we have one less day that we have to drive to Council Bluffs. Now I have Fridays free to work on my online classes. Yay...

As of right now I am deciding on where I want to go to school next. That is so far the only for sure decision. I WILL be going on to a university somewhere. Most likely Art will not be the major focus, though I plan to keep pursuing that, just to a lesser degree. Right now I am thinking about photo-journalism. My teachers have said that I have a journalistic style to my photography, and I have really decided that I love traveling. If I could find a job that merges the two, that would be a dream job for me.

Speaking of traveling, keep a look out in the next few days, because I will be uploading a very long blog post about our trip to Kansas City. I have some editing to do, but I am nearly finished with it. School takes up so much time these days, that sometimes my writing gets put on the back burner. Most of the posts I have released recently are ones that I've been working on for a very long time. Very few blog posts come together quickly any more. Oh well, school has to come first.

I will continue to update you as I make important life decisions. That sounded too grown up. I hate that. :p


  1. Good luck Jonathan! Life decisions are so scary and even more exciting. I'll be praying for you. :) Oh, and I think you are a great writer too...that could help out a lot with any journalism, even if you do focus more on the photos. Seems like a good choice for you.