Tuesday, September 11, 2012

U Spel bad 3

I have been finding so many of these lately that I already had enough for another post! I think it's because I started actively looking for misspellings, it's now just become a subconscious thing. I see a misspelling, and it leaps out at me. If it's bad enough, it goes in the post.

Most of the intended words have been capitalized in bold. And if you happen to recognize your own misspelling, don't feel bad. I've probably made errors that are just as bad. (I'm such a hypocrite. :p)

As usual, these come from all over the internet. Facebook, YouTube’s comment sections, anywhere that poor spellers and worse proofreaders lurk, I'm there with my haughty, judgmental gaze, ready to pounce on them with my sarcasm. All in good fun of course. :p


It's BECAUSE of errors like this that I advocate proofreading so much.


You should visit the Eyeglass EMPORIUM, where you should buy some glasses. You obviously need a pair if you missed that glaring error before you posted.


This example is especially sad because they didn't type fast and skip a letter. They openly admitted in their comment that they didn't know how to spell INSTRUMENT, and this was their best guess.


This is not AWESOME.


This is not one word. And you forgot a C. Please stay away from keyboards. You might hurt yourself.


The QUICKEST way to look like an idiot is to post something without making sure you know how to spell everything you typed.


It's called a silent E. Not an optional E.


If you seriously think this is how to spell PITA bread, then you need to stop reading the Hunger Games.


MAYBE you should have paid attention in school.


You can tell that someone relies on spell check too much, and is really, really dumb, when they intended to write THEATRICAL, but ended up with theoretical instead.

transducer... made my iq up 20%

Wow! You actually spelled transducer right! Now, considering this was the entirety of your comment, and you seem to think that just the use of a large word in a video caused your IQ to increase by 20%, I hope you can find a few more big words. You must have been monosyllabic before hearing this one.


ACTUALLY, I think you need some professional help. Seek out the nearest Kindergarten and enroll immediately.


People may call you a CUTIE, but your spelling is quite the opposite.


When abbreviating the word "Mosquitoes", it is very important that you replace the "QU" with a "K," or it just sounds disturbing. Like, are you squirting out squees, or what?


If you REALLY need to emphasize a word, CAPITALIZE it, or you look you're an intoxicated chimp who passed out on the keyboard.


The sad thing about this, aside from the missing "C", was that it was on an actual "Professional" website. Just shameful.


It's AMAZING that you passed the first grade.


Really? REALLY? Really.


Everyone I ask will AGREE: you need help.


Wow. You managed to misspell a made up word. Congratulations.
(FREXTING A word from a Rhett and Link sketch, the definition of which, is to play Frisbee and text at the same time.)

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