Friday, February 22, 2013


I've been busy...

I decided to stay up all night so I'll get to bed at a halfway decent time tonight. I've been sick for over a week and my sleeping schedule is way out of whack. I'm trying to fix it now that I'm starting to feel a little better.

Anyway, since I needed something to do all night, I worked on my blog. I updated the layout, added some widgets, and more importantly, wrote some new posts! I have a whole bunch coming in the next few days, including another twisted fairytale, and a second installment of True Facts!

In order to make my blog seem more "Legit" I decided to whip up a few logos for all my different kinds of posts. So, before they make their official debuts in the posts they were made for, here are all the new logos I designed last night!

First off I decided to update my Facebook logo that I've been using to link to my Facebook fan page, and start out each "Facebook Friends" post.

 photo NewFacebook_zpse1c67e83.png

Next I decided to just do a whole new logo just for the Facebook Friends posts.

 photo FacebookFreinds_zps7b951b78.png

My other longest running series needed a logo next, so here is the new logo for U Spel bad.

 photo USpelbad_zps83f8b785.png

I have decided to make TRUE FACTS! Into a series, so I designed a logo for that one.

 photo TrueFacts_zps430d290d.png

I also am making If I Were a Troll... into a series, so that needed a logo as well.

 photo Troll_zps518484b3.png

Finally, if I am going to keep writing twisted fairytales, I decided they needed a logo too, so here's that one.

 photo TheRealStory_zps2e15d813.png

Stay tuned later today for the latest True Facts! And if you haven't "Liked" my Facebook fan page yet, CLICK HERE to do so, because I am posting exclusive content there all this week. :)

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