Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why Do People Watch the Super Bowl?

Notice to all football fans: I know that you are a passionate bunch. Some of you frighteningly so. A very small minority might even be classified as clinically insane... This post is not meant as an attack on any of you. Even the scary-crazy ones. These are my opinions, and in the grand scheme of life they mean very little, so please don't get your bloomers in a bunch.

I don't watch football. I don't like football. I know I'm probably in the minority, especially when football is probably one of the largest religious denominations in the area, but I just don't know why people want to waste their time watching it. To me it's just a bunch of grown men wearing pants that are way too tight, running around trying to keep the other team from getting their hands on a giant leather egg. Of course, to be fair, they probably think that I am wasting my time watching Cartoons, or Science Fiction, or any other kind of entertainment that "Normal" people my age don't like.

Beyond the people who watch football because they like it, it's even more confusing to me why so many people just watch the Superbowl, "For the commercials." Why? First of all, why watch the ads at all? Do you not realize that you are being manipulated into buying things you didn't want, and don't need? And even if for some crazy reason you find the commercials funny or clever, (I pity you), why watch the whole game at all if you only are there for the ads? The ads are available on the internet minutes after they air, and some of them premiere online, so you have ample chance to see them long before the game anyway. And please be honest, does anyone really think that the ads are worth watching? To me they are almost all completely, brain-numbingly, moronic.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I bear no ill will toward football fans. I just don't understand them at all. :)

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