Sunday, April 21, 2013

Apparently I'm Heartless

I am a heartless human being.

Today I saw a post on facebook. It was a poem that claimed to be a true story. It was about a boy who was beaten by his parents. The poem was written in the first person perspective. The boy told how he was locked up at home alone, and that his face was so swollen he couldn't see. He goes on and on about how he doesn't know what he did wrong, but he'll try to be good so he will only get one beating when his mother comes home. Toward the end of poem he claims that his father comes home, blames him for all his problems, throws him against a wall and kills him. Then he tells you to share his story and if you don't he'll pray for you because you would have to be a heartless person to not share it.

Fine. Pray for me, dead kid. I'm heartless.

I could care less about a fictional kid who pretends to be real. I am so tired of facebook posts and e-mails that try to emotionally manipulate you into spreading them.

I'm sick of being told that I hate God because I didn't pass on a sappy e-mailed poem. I'm sick of being told I have no respect for a kid with cancer because I didn't spam my friend's Facebook walls with his story. I'm sick of all the posts from all the mindless sheep who repost all this fake garbage just because they're told to, and that they are an uncaring, God-hating, heathen if they don't.

Last I checked, God didn't judge you on how many poems about him you shared with all your Facebook friends. Last I checked, e-mailing everyone you know a picture of a kid with cancer didn't make you a caring person.

Here's an idea. You want to be a caring person AND show God you love Him? Find a REAL kid with cancer and do something for him. Pay some of his bills, buy him a book, be a friend to him. Then tell NO ONE about it. Don't post one scrap of information about anything you do on Facebook.

These e-mails and posts on Facebook are worthless. The only purpose of any of them is so that people can prove what a "Great Christian" they are, and how caring they are, to a bunch of "Friends" who don't even care about them. You don't need to prove anything to anyone. Just be a good person and forget about what anyone else thinks. The only people who matter are you, God, and whoever you helped.

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