Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If I Were a Troll... 3

Sometimes I feel like being a troll. But since I would never actually troll people, I get it out of my system here.

 photo Troll_zps518484b3.png

is my creaatibe seawing ok to lob to my draft *winks* oh and my spealllling

Good. Gravy. Are you mixing medications again?

just bare with him

Um... No.

sinkholes are always mancaused. they always come from some kind of contruction or deterioration of the ground

I have a tiny piece of friendly advice for you: Look up sinkholes before commenting like an ignoramus...

hello program for the computer to delete and re-installed it, but the option in the game is not doing the game to scroll to the emergence of what should I do wonder please help.

I'm sorry, but I believe you may be beyond help. Your best bet is to find yourself a good mental care facility that can adequately attend to a person in your condition.

it was just the dummerest thing i could think of at the moment.

Really? The word "Dummerest" is the dummerest thing I can think of at this moment.

Why spell check tell me tounge spelt wrong?!

Hmmmm... I don't know... This is quite a mystery... Perhaps it's because YOU SPELLED IT WRONG!

your voice awesome your stuffs change evertying

If your voice is anything like your typing, it is most decidedly NOT awesome.

you should do a cooking channel, so you tech us how to cook

You don't need to learn how to cook, you need to learn how to spell and construct proper sentences.

oh no he change ugly

Oh no! You change stupid!

I tink Blujay should sooooo be on ta list

And I 'tink' you need some help.

Ripple for a boy is also a unique name. My baby is due in Dec. and we have decided on Ripple Journey.

Poor Ripple. You'd better stock up now on wedgie rash cream. And start him early on techniques for holding his breath during swirlies.

.LOL My opps!

Yeah, your opps is right. Your whole sentence is one big opps.

This looks like an kid tv sow well baby tv show

This looks like an kid comment, well, baby comment.


Ooookaaaay... I do believe that someone is off his meds...

Libby has a crepy lagh

You have a crepy spelig

you're so cook

What is this, some kind of an insult? You take that back you vicious troll!

I think Dawin did that. he ate lods of diferant animals

I think you did too. Poisonous ones. Their neurotoxins seem to have destroyed most of your brain functionality.


What? Are you having a fit?

he died because he was old i feel so sorry for him R.I.P

C'est la vie, Circle'a'life. Just hope that you get to die from "Being old" too, and not from the far more likely cause, "Being to dumb to continue being alive."

my parints ar ded :'( rt if yu crie evrytiem

Really? Your parents are dead? Are you sure they didn't just fake it to escape you? Boom. Yeah. I just trolled the troll. Deal with it.

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