Saturday, April 6, 2013

Facebook Friends #10

New character overload! Normally if I come up with new characters I just introduce one or two at a time, but not today! I am introducing six new regular characters all in one post! Plus, I've decided that a few of my characters are going to get in on the This-isn't-Twitter-but-we're-doing-it-anyway, hash-tag craze. Enjoy!

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Joyful Exclamations
Such a beautiful day!

Flower Child
The karmic spectrum has aligned my celestial aura! Peace to all the world this day!
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Ima Bean
Holy Carbuncles! It's raining Christmas!!!!
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Joyful Exclamations It's snowing? Awesome!
Lorenzo Literate Wow... You can speak the language of Bean? It's like you have super powers!
Joyful Exclamations I guess I'm just gifted like that. :)
Crazy Uncle I'm glad I don't have "Holy Carbuncles!" BAHAHAHA!

Mitch Morebuff
Totally workin' on my glutes today. Gonna be struttin' my stuff in the tightest of gym shorts later.
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T. M. Info Wow. TMI, my friend, T. M. I.

Lorenzo Literate TMI? Really? This from the guy who posted extreme close up pictures of his bacne outbreak yesterday? Can we say hypocritical?

T. M. Info Oh yeah! Speaking of glutes, guess what part of the body I had that outbreak on. Not all bacne is on the back you know!

Lorenzo Literate HURK! I think I need to go retroactively bleach my eyeballs...

Ferdie Foodie
I'm in a rut. I've eaten at McRonalds for the last twenty seven days. Not that I don't enjoy all the wonderful hydrogenated deliciousness, but I think I need a change of pace. Anyone have any suggestions? Mom, you're not allowed to comment!
Leia Organic Why not switch to an organic diet instead of eating out? It would probably save your life. From the sounds of your status, you're probably only a few days away from a heart attack!
Griffin Granola Dude, don't just stop at organic, you need to go completely vegan.
Ferdie Foodie Mom! What'd you do, make up some fake accounts to try to get me to give up my cheeseburgers? I should never accept friend requests from strangers!

Fiona Foodie It's not me, but you should listen to them! I want grandkids someday!

Ferdie Foodie Good grief, mom! I'm going to Burger Queen.

Gretta Granola Need some help planning his funeral, Mrs. Foodie? I know of a very affordable, all-natural funeral home. They're completely environmentally friendly because they only use 100% organic, recycled cardboard coffins!
Crazy Uncle Wow. And they call me crazy!

BB Tween
Whiney McDramaPants I wish I could go!!!

Marty McMacho More like One INFECTION you mean!

Izzy Illiterate yah bb is inffected wit luvv!!!

Marty McMacho No, I mean they're all sick!!! They're a bunch of no talent girly-boys!

Vaguely McDramaPants Uh oh, Marty, your jealousy is showing.

Marty McMacho Im not jealous! Their jelous of me!

Vaguely McDramaPants Yeah, right. They don't have a clue who you are.

Marty McMacho Wel if they did theyd be jelous!! i could totaly beat them alll up in a fight!!!

BB Tween If you're not jealous, then why are you typing so bad? I think you're typing too fast because you secretly love them, and don't want anyone to know what a HUGE fan you are!!! :D

Marty McMacho SHUT UP I DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vaguely McDramaPants BAM! Nailed it, BB! :D

Marty McMacho SHE DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

BB Tween Mwahahahaha.... >:D

Marty McMacho I DO NOT!!!!!

Vaguely McDramaPants Why so defensive Marty?

Marty McMacho I AM NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

BB Tween Why are you so defensive about your defensiveness, Marty?

Marty McMacho I AM NOT DEFENSIVE!!!!!!!!

Vaguely McDramaPants Sure, sure. Whatever you have to tell yourself. ;)

Marty McMacho I AM LEAVING!!!!

BB Tween Bye Marty! I'll see you at the concert! :D

Marty McMacho NO YOU WONT!!!!!

Lurking Liker This whole thing was awesome. :D!
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Gladys Grizzle
What is up with all these kids with saggy pants?! I wish I were 60 years younger so I could go yank these wannabe-thug's pants up for them! I'd pull them up so far they'd get such a wedgie their pants would never fall down again!
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Crazy Uncle No need for all that. Just walk right up to them in public and loudly tell them it looks like their diaper is full, and ask them if they need a change! That'll make them pull their own pants up!
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Gladys Grizzle That's a kick-awesome idea, Sonny! :D

Joy Lyrical
"A dream, is a wish, your heart makes!
Ice cream, is a dish, your mom makes!"
~ FamousParodySinger

Gloom Lyrical
"A dream is a wish your heart makes.
A nightmare is a wish that I make."
~ FamousMetalScreamer
Joy Lyrical Wow, dark much?

Betsy Etsy
Check out my latest artwork! You can buy it now for only $75.00!
I call it: "Tranquility: Barn Wood With Rusty Nails."
Lorenzo Literate Wow. No words.

Izzy Illitrerate OMZ!!! i's beatifull!!! it jusy maks me fell so emoshunal!!!!
Lorenzo Literate I have no words for that either.

Vaguely McDramaPants
Whatever you have to tell yourself dude, whatever you have to tell yourself. #Shutyourmouth
Nosey Nellie What's happening?

Vaguely McDramaPants Oh, nothing, just some guy trying to justify himself.

Nosey Nellie Who is he? Txt me!

Mamma Frazzled
The ceiling is dripping... A florescent blue liquid...
Aunty Uncle So what was it?

Joyful Exclamations Yeah! Don't leave us in suspense!

Mamma Frazzled It was toilet bowl cleaner. For some reason they hauled every bottle I had in the house upstairs, and were squirting them all into a crack in the floor!

Aunty Uncle Oh, I am so sorry. Just so you know, I've already forbidden my husband from laughing.


Aunty Uncle Craig!!!! Prepare your couch-bed!!!!

Leia Organic
You wouldn't believe how bad pasteurized milk is for your body! Fresh milk is so much better for you, but it is illegal to sell milk straight from the cow! How messed up is that?
Connie Conspiracy The Illuminary are trying to poison the population with pasteurized milk! They're using government propaganda to trick people into believing it's healthy, and they're restricting access to foods that actually are healthy!

Flower Child Fight the power, Connie! Fight the power!

Gretta Granola Why not just go vegan? Fresh fruits and vegetables are so much better for you than dairy products! Humans were never meant to drink the milk of other animals!

Leia Organic Sorry, Gretta. I  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png Cheese too much! ;)

Lori Luvvie
Why does everything bad happen to my little Sugar-Pea? Tonight was supposed to be date night!
Izzy Illiterate were is he?

Lori Luvvie He's sick. He was testing a experimental diaper rash cream for Happy Heinie Toddle Creams and it didn't work. :(

Izzy Illiterate wut? he dosnt hav dipers hows he get diperash?

David Duvvie You don't want to know.

Grammie Happy
Just went into the guest bathroom to get it ready for company this weekend and I found the toilet completely full of Speed Wheels Cars. It made me miss my grandbabies. They haven't been over here all week!
Gladys Grizzle I'd count my blessings if I were you. That's a week free of disasters if you ask me.

Grammie Happy But they're always such fun and exciting disasters!

Gladys Grizzle I think this counts as Stockholm Syndrome.
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Hippie Critical
Eating out is so unhealthy! Why not make your own food at home? SOOOO much better for you, and you save so much money! #wakeuppeople
Rainbow Sunshine Hey Hippie! It was so fun running into you at the Pizza Plate yesterday! It'd been way too long since we last talked! We should get together again soon!
Lorenzo Literate Well, this isn't awkward at all...

R.W. Republicrazy
These Liberal politicians have to be stopped! They're trying to force us to register our guns! If they get their way you know the government is just going to sell our names to Mexico!
Connie Conspiracy Really? That's not surprising at all! The Illuminary want the list too! As soon as it hits the internet we're all in huge trouble!
Rabid Liberal They're not going to sell your names. They're going to use your names to hunt you down after you go on a killing spree!
R.W. Republicrazy We don't kill people, only the criminals kill people! And they won't register their guns! Duh! They're criminals!

Rabid Liberal Yeah right. All you gun nuts are crazy. You're just ticking times bombs waiting to go off!

R.W. Republicrazy I'm going to go off on you!
Rabid Liberal Is that a threat? I'm going to print this out so if I turn up dead, police will find this and know who's responsible!
Indie Pendant Good grief you two. Grow up! I know I'm going to regret asking this, but what danger does it pose to you personally if the government, either yours or Mexico's, knows if you own a gun?

R.W. Republicrazy All the legal gun owners automatically become targets!

Indie Pendant So? They're not taking your guns. Why would they need to come after you?
Connie Conspiracy They'll round us up and put us in concentration camps! We have guns, so they know we're a threat!

Indie Pendant Wow. That is so ridiculous I don't even know where to start.

R.W. Republicrazy I don't know about concentration camps, but it wouldn't surprise me. I'm more worried about the Mexican drug lords. As soon as they get our names, we're dead!

Indie Pendant Ok, even if that were just slightly possible, why would they come after all the gun owners in the US? That's just insane! You guys HAVE GUNS. Why would they purposely put themselves in that kind of danger?

R.W. Republicazy Because they're evil! Why else?

Indie Pendant Once again I'm just going to have to give up. You can't talk sense into the senseless.

Connie Conspiracy You'll see! Once the Illuminary get you, you'll see I was right all along!

G.O. Pachyderm I feel ashamed that these are the kind of people that the country associates with my party.

Roxy Repost
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Ima Bean
Dumpling Pie makes the kids go happy!
Lorenzo Literate Wow... Joyful Exclamations, can you provide a translation?

Joyful Exclamations Um... I don't think so...

Lorenzo Literate Well, so much for that super power.

Flower Child
Peace and love, Starchildren!
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