Sunday, October 24, 2010

For the Birds

I am a huge bird lover. The more colorful, the better. Even totally weird birds, like the spoonbill or the shoebill. So I collected most of the pictures of birds that I took at the zoo for today’s post.

Zoo 068

I would count this one as a weird looking one too. It’s a Saddle-billed Stork.

Zoo 072

Macaws are some of my favorites. They are so colorful.

Zoo 074Zoo 075Zoo 083

I think they are also big show-offs. Smile

Zoo 116Zoo 118

I don’t know why these two macaws weren’t allowed outside with the others. Maybe they were afraid they’d fly away. These two were pretty crazy. It was funny to watch them.

Zoo 086Zoo 189Zoo 197Zoo 204Zoo 095

I think this one wanted to shake my hand. Smile with tongue out

Zoo 125

When most people think of swans they think of a beautiful white bird, but there are more types than just Mute Swans, the swan most people think of when you say swan. This one is called a Black Swan.

Zoo 127

These two were separated, but it looks like they didn’t much care for that arrangement.

Zoo 097

“See ya later!”

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