Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Tour of the Art Studio

Yesterday was our midterm quiz in Launching the Imagination, and it didn’t last very long. This left me with quite a bit of time to kill before Design 1. I decided to get out my camera and wander around taking pictures. I mostly took pictures around the art studio, so I thought that I would do sort of a tour, so you could see where I take classes three days a week.
I’ll start with a mini tour of the Art Center itself. There's a lot more to the building than what I took pictures of.
This is the main part of the building. It’s actually quite a bit larger though.
October 008
The part in this photograph that wasn’t in the last one is the auditorium. it is a massive room with balconies and tons of seating.
October 005
This is the parking lot. One tiny fraction of the parking lot. Fill in that one empty space and take all these cars by ten or fifteen, and you’ll get an idea of how many cars there are. And this is only one of the many parking lots around the campus…
Art Center 013
This is the main room when you walk in the front door.
Art Center 010
This is the stairway to the lower level. I may do a more extensive tour later, but right now I’m going to focus on where I go every day.
If you go out the back doors you can see some of the sports fields, and some buildings, but it’s mainly trees. It’s a nice view though.
Art Center 004Art Center 005Art Center 006
You can’t tell from the front but you are actually entering into the second floor.
Art Center 001
I’m sure by now you’ve noticed this thing in some of the pictures.Art Center 002
I’m not exactly sure what it’s supposed to be. I guess it’s some type of modern art.Art Center 003
My guess is that it’s supposed to be a woman, even though it looks like a futuristic dinosaur robot.
I think the middle is supposed to be a silhouette of her head and the rest of the "head thing" is her hair.
This is only a guess. I really have no idea what it is.
Art Center 015
And now, where I spend all of my time at school, the Art Studio.
Art Center 124
There are two rows of these tables on one side of the room for general classes, and artwork.
Art Center 181
Art Center 114
This is the teacher’s desk, though students can use the computer if they need to.
Art Center 120
The room is separated by this island thing that holds tons of art supplies.
Art Center 118
More art supplies on the counter, plus one of two sinks in the room.
Art Center 021
Art Center 171
Inkwash from our last drawing project.
Art Center 174
Paint Brushes
Art Center 172
Our main artistic tool: pencils.
Art Center 173
And if you have pencils, you need erasers.
Art Center 177
Charcoal, not my medium of choice, but some people can do amazing things with it.
Art Center 018Art Center 020
There is a small library at the back of the room that contains tons of art books.
Art Center 023
On the back wall hangs recent examples of student’s artwork.

Art Center 024
This is the working clock at the back of the room.
Art Center 125
This is the not working clock at the front of the room.  Look how well they fixed it with construction paper! So much easier than climbing up and setting the right time!
Art Center 072
Art Center 119Art Center 135
These are the easels set up around the still life to the side of the room.
Art Center 022
Speaking of still life, in case anyone was wondering, this is the pile of rubbish we had to draw recently.
Art Center 058
Art Center 059
This is closer to what mine will look like though, since I was not seated directly in front of it.
Art Center 134
There is lots of specialized lighting all around the room for lighting drawing subjects, or displaying artwork.
Art Center 136Art Center 137
Art Center 081
There are two store rooms full of even more art supplies.
Art Center 082
I discovered that this is also where our artwork is being stored.
Art Center 096
Here’s Joel’s and mine!
Art Center 088
There are tons of magazines back here for use in collages.
Art Center 126
There are also magazines at the entrance to the studio, but they are NOT for use in collages.
Art Center 092
There’s also a stack of mirrors for self portraits.
Art Center 100
And a big block of ???.
Art Center 078Art Center 079Art Center 080
In the other store room, among other things there are cabinets of paper and various markers and colored pencils.
Art Center 163
There’s a hallway behind the studio that leads to some offices, but it also contains a bunch of artwork.
Art Center 159
More Lighting.
Art Center 154
And another statue.
Art Center 127Art Center 128
The windows in the studio also contain recent examples of student’s work.
Art Center 131
They also have a great view.
These aren’t the only pictures I took yesterday, but I think this post has gotten long enough. I’ll save the rest for another day.

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