Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Collages?

Well, Our midterm is over and we are now starting our next project in Launching the Imagination. And it’s three more collages. This time we are supposed to be thinking about how we arrange elements within a space. He said that we already do this all the time whether we think about it or not, so I don’t really see how it’s necessary to devote an entire project to this, but he’s the boss, so we have to do what he wants. We are to do them all in Black and White. This includes gray, so we have basically three colors to work with. Again, they are supposed to be abstract, but this time we are to plan them out before we start cutting and pasting. He told us to start by drawing four rough sketches and then choosing three. This is what I drew.
I decided right off not to do the one in the lower left hand corner. I liked the one in the top left, but I wanted it to be the opposite of what I drew there, so I redraw it on a separate sheet of paper.
I want to make it look like the symbols are actually 3D, so hopefully it’ll work. I’ve never done 3D in a collage before.
I also liked the lower right one, but I wanted it to be more centered. In case you can’t tell, it’s supposed to be the middle of a Yin-Yang. I redrew that one as well.
That left the top right one, which I liked, but my teacher wants me to make one where shapes overlap, so I need to see if I can add to the design, or just scrap it, and make a new one.
In Design one I have finished all the sewing on my kite. I have not made a tail, but my teacher seems to think it’ll fly without one. I’ll have to find out, but I have a whole bunch of cloth that I got to make a tail, The only problem is sewing it together. I can’t do that at home, so if it doesn’t fly I’ll have to figure something out. Anyway, here is the kite, all put together.
The only thing left to do is attach the string and fly it. I hope it works!
Yesterday in drawing class we had to do another self portrait. Our teacher promised that this would be the last one we would have to do. Thank goodness! this was my worst one yet! It started out okay, but we were supposed to do an ink wash for shading and then cross contour, which in my opinion, ruined the picture. Oh well. I did the best I could to salvage the thing, but it still looked bad afterward.
I still have not received any of my pictures back from my teacher, so I can’t post any of them yet. He also has not graded any of them yet, which is very frustrating. I want to know how I am doing in the class, but I have no way of knowing.
Next week we’ll continue on our collages, and on Tuesday we’ll all be testing our kites. Wish me luck!

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