Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little Bird

A couple months back I posted a bunch of stuff that had happened on facebook for those readers who have yet to get a facebook. This was one of the things I used in the post.


Jonathan J. North - I just petted a bird. No, not a parrot, a wild bird. It let me pet it till Joel came outside too, then it flew away. Why it let me even get close to it is beyond me!

Jennifer Kallevig French - Alex sang a bird to death one time. Just ask her. ;)

Jonathan J. North - Like Fiona on Shrek? :p

Jackie Galvin - ‎'Petted'? Bad grammar.

Jonathan J. North - Yeah, I thought of that right after I clicked share. :p

Alexandrea French - Yes, true story. I did kill a bird with my singing. Just like Fiona. ;-)

Jonathan J. North - Did it pop, just leaving two little smoking legs? :p

Alexandrea French - No, but it dropped dead on the ground.

Jonathan J. North - Are you sure it didn't faint? Maybe it was so in awe of your voice that it just passed out. :)

Jennifer Kallevig French - Alex has a beautiful voice, but when she was little.....well......not so much. We really don't know why the bird died, but it did die right after she sang to it. lol!

Jonathan J. North - That is really funny, a little sad, but mostly hilarious. :p

Alexandrea French - I KNOW! I really did sing horribly when I was little, though. The poor bird. ;-)


Why am I reposting this you ask? Because tonight I was going through my pictures and I found the pictures I took on that day and decided that I would share them with you all.


I wish they had turned out better. They all look pretty grainy.


He (She? It?) looks kind of squinty and grumpy here.


This is my favorite one. The sun wasn’t in his eyes here, so he doesn’t look so upset. This is also the picture I took for proof that he actually let me touch him. Isn’t he cute? Smile

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