Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sculpted Animals

There are many works of art on display all around the Henry Doorly Zoo. I’ve already posted about the butterfly sculptures outside the Butterfly Pavilion, but there are many more than just that. I took pictures of a few of them, and I thought they would be a good subject for a quick post tonight.
Zoo 099
This one reminds me of the statue of Buddha that is on display at the Chinese restaurant in town. Don’t tell anyone. Buddhists might get offended that I think their god looks like an overweight orangutan. Smile with tongue out
Zoo 104Zoo 106
I wish the zoo had a real komodo dragon.
Zoo 111
Zoo 100
Zoo 107Zoo 108
I love this baby elephant statue.
Zoo 112
Zoo 109Zoo 110
“Hey kids! Behave yourselves, or I’ll toss you to these golden crocodiles!” Smile with tongue out
Zoo 121
Awe! Mom made a friend!

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