Sunday, October 17, 2010

4 Fish and a Kite

This week we got our pictures back from our color theory assignment in Launching the Imagination. I think this is the first assignment that I got a perfect score on! I also got a perfect score on my midterm quiz, so I’m pretty happy with myself in that class.
The assignment was to draw the same picture four times, each with a different color scheme. Each scheme was to represent something different. It didn’t matter what we drew as long as the color had meaning. I drew a fish. Though it wasn’t specified what we were to use, I decided to use a different medium on each drawing.
This is my first one. I did it in gel pen, and though you probably can’t tell I used shiny metallic colors for the fish. The meaning behind these colors was supposed to be cheerful, but the colors didn’t turn out as bright as the pen’s outside made them appear to be.
This was my second one. I was not happy with how the drawing turned out, so I decided to color it in with sickly looking colors. The longer I worked on it though, the more it improved, so I am no longer unhappy with it. For this one my instrument of choice was just regular markers.
This one however, I am a bit unhappy with. I wanted this one to be Christmas themed, just to be different, but the colored pencils I used did not really do it justice.
This one I used Sharpies on, and I wanted the colors to be cool and dark. I thought the orange I was using was going to be much darker than it turned out to be. It is almost neon. I’m not unhappy with it, but I still wish I’d had a darker orange.

In my Design 1 class we have now finished our models, and we have moved on to the actual kite building. I already posted my attempt at a model, but I made a second one using my dad’s delta kite as an inspiration. I decided not to glue in any sticks, because I wanted to use the model as a template for the actual kite.
October 005
On Tuesday after class I went to Hobby Lobby and bought supplies for the final kite.
October 001
The most important part – The fabric. The orange is for the kite itself, and the other colors are going to be used in the tails. I am going for a “Fiery” look.
October 002
I got some wooden dowels to make the frame with. The thicker one is for the crossbar, which I am making so that it can be removed so I can save some space. Because right now, there is nowhere around this place that I can store a kite.
October 003
I found these in the sewing section and thought they would be good for tying the kite string on to. My teacher was very impressed and he showed them to the rest of the class and told them that it would be a good idea if they bought some for their own kites.
October 004
Of course every kite needs string.
Thursday I learned how to sew with a sewing machine, so I could actually make the kite. I had never done that before but it was so fun. When I got home I had to post about it on facebook.
Jonathan J. North learned how to sew today. It's so fun! Olden day guys were really missing out by dismissing sewing as "Woman's Work." Of course, they didn't have sewing machines back then... That probably wasn't quite as fun...
Around the time that class was supposed to end my teacher asked if I could stay a little late and keep working on my kite while his next class came in. He wanted them to be intimidated by my progress! Me! Here I am stressing out, thinking I’m not doing a good job, because I’ve never done anything like this before, and my teacher is so impressed by my work that he wants to use me as an example to the rest of the students! I suppose that should make me less nervous, but it isn’t because we don’t have class Tuesday, and Thursday is going to be the last day I have to work on the kite. I hope I can get it done…

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