Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Festival for Apples

Sunday night my parents, me, and my youngest brother Jacob went to “Brickfest”. At an orchard nearby called Brickyard Orchard.
BrickFest 001
It got its name because the orchard is now on the site of where a brickyard used to be. My parents both work at the hospital, and the hospital paid for any employee who wanted to attend. We went on a hayride through the orchards, and had supper afterward.
BrickFest 002
The orchard also grows pumpkins.
BrickFest 003
I had never gone on a hay ride before.
BrickFest 004
This was all we had to sit on, and there was nothing to hang on to. I ended up sitting where two bales met. Someone had previously sat there, so it was already sunk in a bit, but as the ride went on I felt myself sliding forward as the bales crushed in.
BrickFest 005
I had never realized how big of a place Brickyard Orchard was. From the road it doesn’t look like much, but their property goes way up into some woods, and they have groves and groves of apple trees up there.
BrickFest 006
There’s even a couple bodies of water in there. This is just a pond, but there is also a lake. You could not see much more than a small glimpse of it through the trees from our wagon though.
BrickFest 009BrickFest 010BrickFest 011
In case you are wondering, I don’t know who the people in my pictures are. They just happened to take the same hayride we did.
BrickFest 012
You probably notice these bird houses in some of my pictures. The guy who gave us the ride said that they have at least twenty bluebird houses because bluebirds eat tons of insects that destroy the apples.
BrickFest 013
One of the pumpkin patches, pretty picked over now.
BrickFest 014
This was the other hay wagon. I wish we could have taken that one. I wouldn’t have felt like I was going to fall out the whole time. Smile
BrickFest 015
This is the guy who drove our wagon. he runs the place and he gave us a very good tour.
BrickFest 016
I was afraid these two kids were going to tumble right off. They would not keep still for anything.
BrickFest 018BrickFest 020BrickFest 021BrickFest 024BrickFest 025
We passed by a hunter’s blind in the woods at one point. Our driver told us that earlier a little girl had thought it was a potty.
BrickFest 026
Another bluebird house.
BrickFest 027BrickFest 032
Arriving back.
BrickFest 033
They had a bouncy castle thing set up for kids to play with. At one point the kids had pretty much pulled the whole thing to the ground from the inside. I tried to get a picture, but my camera had died by that time.
BrickFest 034BrickFest 035BrickFest 036
The orchard is also famous for its Cherry Divine. We bought a gallon. It is SO good.
BrickFest 037
This was my supper. Not the pop, I had water. My junk food weakness is the Cheetos…
The brat was a Mushroom and Swiss brat. It was good, but it needed more mushrooms. Actually, if they hadn’t told me there was mushrooms in it, I wouldn’t have even known.
BrickFest 038BrickFest 041
They have two dogs there. I gave this one the rest of my hot-dog bun. Once you’ve had my dad’s bread, you don’t care too much about the bought marshmallow-y variety anymore.
BrickFest 039BrickFest 040
My dessert. Sour Cream Apple Pie. So good!
BrickFest 042
Before we left we looked through their little store. They have a lot of good looking items there.

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