Friday, May 6, 2011

Outa Space!

It’s Final time! Bleah. XP
But Finals aren’t so bad in art class. For this last project we were to do a piece of art of anything we wanted, as long as we used a variety of both wet and dry media.
To begin with, we had to make six sketches of ideas for the final project. I knew in advance that I wanted to do a space scene, but I did the sketches anyway, and just drew a bunch of Outer-Space-Type-Stuff.
Art 135Art 136Art 137Art 138Art 139Art 140
To start the project I used a paint roller and completely covered a sheet of paper with black and purple paint. Mostly black, but I wanted a little purple to make it a bit more interesting. I decided to make a nebula as the background and that I would do it as a print,
Art 114
I used a lot of paint so I used a large sheet of paper to take off some of the excess, and then I used red and brown directly on the print to do the next nebula layer, and took off the excess with the same paper.
Art 115
Then I proceeded with the rest of the painting.
Art 116
After the painting had dried, I took it home to use pencils and colored pencils to add a little more detail. I also used a white out pen to make the stars rounder, and seem like they were glowing.
Art 117
And that’s the final painting! Monday is our last class, so as soon as I get my artwork back, I will have a better picture of this painting, as well as many more prints that I made over the course of the last semester, that I have yet to post.

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