Sunday, May 22, 2011

Matthew and Me

Matthew and I took a bunch of pictures together at the zoo. I have a camera remote and I just kept clicking the button as we talked, so I would make sure to get a good one. There actually are even more than this, the rest just didn’t have the best expressions. When you’re taking a lot of pictures of people talking, you are bound to get a bunch where you’re making weird faces. These are the least weird. :)

Zoo3 722Zoo3 725Zoo3 726Zoo3 729Zoo3 735Zoo3 736Zoo3 737Zoo3 739Zoo3 742Zoo3 744Zoo3 745Zoo3 746Zoo3 747Zoo3 748Zoo3 751Zoo3 755Zoo3 757Zoo3 758Zoo3 760Zoo3 767Zoo3 771Zoo3 772Zoo3 759

Matthew is currently biking around Europe, so please pray for him as he travels.

Stay safe and have a good time Matthew!

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