Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wal*Mart Ads

I don’t watch tv, so I never know what kinds of commercials are playing these days. Sometimes however, a commercial is so funny that it finds its way onto YouTube and begins to spread all around the internet. Facebook is the way I usually see such things, and such was the case with this commercial for Wal*Mart. My cousin posted it after someone else had posted it, then I posted it, and someone posted it after me. It’s got two things that are almost guaranteed to get a laugh. Old people and kids. I watched this video about 5 times in a row. :p

Grampa’s gonna be so happy when he wakes up.

After that, I found that Wal*Mart has a series of similar advertisements, and there were a couple that are almost as funny.

That guy? Never seen that guy in my life.

They got some really good child actors for these roles!
And lastly, another hilarious old person. I love old person humor. :)

Yeah, you up now.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Mudpie - that was ADORABLE!!!!! I love his little voice!
    And the fishing one was hilarious too!!!!! So funny!! "Yeah, you up now!" ;) HAHA!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Every one of these is classic; however, the airhorn takes the cake! XD