Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Abstracted Collage

I have been working on this piece for a long time. Mostly because I’m really not that into abstract art. I like making things look realistic. I kind of made peace with it by decided to make it more surrealist than abstract, but still using the abstracting method we were instructed to use. You may recall quite awhile ago, I posted a project that I had begun, but did not intend to finish. Let me refresh your memory…

Be prepared…

What you are about to see may scar you for life…

Brace yourselves!

It’s truly terrifying!

Horror movie music:

It’s the Beiber-Beast!!!!!!
Ok, enough of that…
I started that project over again because of what I found out about the project the next week. This is the collage I made to replace that one.
Yes, I was going for random. :)
I made this one because the final drawing was to completely fill an entire sheet of paper, with no blank spaces, and there was blank all around the Beiber-Beast. Yes there are blank spaces on this collage as well, but so little of it that I was able to easily distort the final image, eliminating it, or just filling in some extra grass. around it.
The next step was to draw a grid over the collage.
Then we took a large, full-sized sheet of paper and drew a distorted grid onto it.
Art 113
As you can see I purposely measured where I wanted the woman to be, and drew that part of the grid to scale. I did not want her distorted. There was no way I could ever get into drawing something creepy and weird like that. I like funny and weird, not creepy and weird.
Then using both grids, I drew the collage. I decided right off that I didn’t want to draw it “As Is” and I integrated all the cutout things so that they actually looked like part of the meatball landscape.
Art 119
Instead of being just random object placed in the picture, The legs of the piano bench are stabbed into the meatball, the woman’s foot, the pitcher, and the wheels of the car are in the grass, and the bottle of perfume is squished into the biggest meatball, as it fell out of the sky. And instead of being an upside down cutout of a cake, it is a cake meteor, with the raspberries falling off as it careens toward the earth. Don’t worry about the lady being killed by the falling cake, it’s really moist, and she will be able to easily eat her way to safety. :)

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