Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm 25 now!!!

Has anyone seen my dentures? I think I lost them along with my glasses and cane when I hobbled outside to yell at those filthy kids to get off my lawn.

What?! It's 10:30?! At night?! Goodness gracious me! I should have been in bed three hours ago! I got sidetracked watching a Laurence Welk marathon while doing my crossword puzzles! I should know better than to multitask like that! I'd better go take my prune juice and hit the hay!

...Wait... What was I going to do again?


  1. Hehe, this is why I love you ;) Happy Birthday, Cousin!!

  2. Awe, thanks! I love you too! For the same reasons. :)

  3. *Literally laughs out loud.* You've got this down to a fine art! I luv you too, cuz'n!

  4. Awe, and I love you too. So much love from one silly little post. :p