Sunday, June 5, 2011

To Wisconsin!

Last weekend My parents, my brother Jacob and I went to Wisconsin to visit my brother Jared and his wife Eva, as Jared was on R&R from Afghanistan.
Jared and Eva were staying above Eva’s Brother-In-Law’s garage in a loft area.

May 204
May 206
They showed off their new toy, an enormous projection screen tv. :)

May 207
A robin was making a nest on a shelf in her Brother-in-Law’s shed.

May 208
It was in a tree and flew right at me!

May 209
I wish I could have gotten a clearer picture than this to post on my photo blog…

May 210
On Saturday we visited a cheese factory, and saw how cheese was made.

May 212
This batch was apparently just getting finished as we got into the viewing room, but we did get to see a couple batches from start to finish.

May 231May 233
That white powder is salt.

May 238
May 216
It was very interesting.

Downstairs they cut, package and sell the cheese.

May 239
We browsed through all the cheese they had for sale.

May 240
7 YEARS?!? We got some of this. I am anxious to try it. I’ll bet it is quite potent. :)

May 241May 242May 243May 244May 245May 246
I was surprised at how much mom and dad ended up buying.So far it’s all been really good. :)

When we got home, (Eva’s parent’s home, where we stayed) we made homemade pizzas with some of the cheese we got from the factory.

May 249May 252May 253May 255May 256May 257
Mom found Siamese twin mushrooms.

May 258May 260May 261
Everyone’s favorite was the one Jared made. This was because Jared put feta cheese on it. :)

May 262May 263
They were all amazing. The fresh cheese made the difference. :)

May 264May 265May 266
I’m hungry just looking at these. :)

Part 2 Coming soon!


  1. Ah! That pizza looks sooo delicious! Haha, that siamese twin mushroom is awesome.

  2. It was delicious. I want some right now! :D