Friday, June 17, 2011

Sea Lion Show

This month I actually got to see the sea lions perform during their afternoon show at the zoo. I took tons of pictures, and I plan to feature some of the best ones on my photography blog, but the majority of them I will share here so you can see what all the trainers have the sea lions do.

Zoo4 368Zoo4 370Zoo4 383

Apparently the trainer’s building is underground.

Zoo4 384Zoo4 385Zoo4 386

I believe that those are whistles, not cigarettes. :)

Zoo4 391Zoo4 392Zoo4 393Zoo4 394Zoo4 395

This trainer was doing a little dance and the sea lion was following her steps with her flippers.

Zoo4 396Zoo4 397Zoo4 398Zoo4 399Zoo4 400

All the sea lions were born right here at the Henry Doorly Zoo except for the male. He was a wild sea lion who was injured and was deemed unreleasable as the keepers feared he wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild due to his injuries.

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One of the major renovations planned for the zoo is to build a much better display for the sea lions. This pool is actually a relic from the 1950’s, and used to be a swimming pool for people. It was buried and uncovered years later, then modified to be a sea lion exhibit. I can’t wait to see what the new display will look like!

Zoo4 460

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