Friday, June 24, 2011

Kid History

It’s time for another YouTube discovery! This time it’s a series of films called “Kid History”. The premise is that all these kids in this family have been told a bunch of stories about things that happened to their dads/uncles. Sometimes the stories are from when they were kids themselves, other times they were adults. The kids do not get all the facts straight, and sometimes make up whole sections that never happened, but the stories are hilarious. That is not all though. The adults all reenact the stories, not as they happened, but as the kids tell them, they even lip sync to the kids dialogue. It is gut bustingly funny! So far there have been four episodes released. The first three were released on the channel that one of the brothers posted his videos on, but they just recently created their own channel for the Kid History videos as they plan to make it an ongoing series. Here are the four that have so far been released. Enjoy!
UPDATE! How coincidental is this? The very day I blog about this series, they upload the latest episode! This one is the longest one of all, and like the others, is a laugh riot! :D


  1. Hahaha!! I've only watched the first 2 so far and I'm cracking up! The boys are watching them with me, and they totally don't appreciate it - barely cracked a smile! Too funny!!

  2. I suppose they're too young to understand that most of what kids their age say is hilarious. They probably just think the kids sound normal. :p