Saturday, June 18, 2011

Close Encounter with an EnvironMENTAList

Today at work a woman brought in three reusable shopping bags and an old paper bag. This is not unusual, as lots of people are getting into recycling grocery bags these days. The woman was tall, and quite nicely dressed, new clothes, nice jewelry, well done hair, the works. Noting her looks, the old paper bag was a bit strange as the woman was obviously quite wealthy.
Toward the end of sacking her order I had already used up her reusable shopping bags and was starting to fill the paper one. The checker took the bread and put it in a plastic sack. Most of us do that, so that the bread won’t be crushed by any shifting groceries. The woman snipped that she shouldn’t have done that, as she wanted her own bags to be used. The cashier apologized and explained she didn’t want the bread getting squished. The woman looked down her nose at her and in an extremely annoyed and condescending tone, said, “Well, I’ll let it slide this once, but I do NOT like plastic. It is bad for the world!” and she marched off.
As soon as she was gone I burst out laughing. What a loon! This woman’s attitude is even more absurd when one considers that half of what she bought was already packaged in plastic, and she put each of her kinds of produce in little plastic sacks of their own.
Excuse me. I think I need to go stifle another guffaw.


  1. The other day I saw a woman with a T-Shirt that said, "Be careful, You might end up in my next novel." I think I need a T-shirt that says "Be careful, you might end up on my blog." :)

  2. To the first post: Oh brother!! I don't know what else to say...I love people, but some of them can be downright ridiculous. Ahem. By that I mean they don't always think before they speak, and insert foot in mouth. They don't want tomatoes around their food, but they want it inside? Hm. Odd.

    I agree. You could have a shirt like that. I was actually thinking along the lines of someone putting their surroundings into a novel. :D The only catch is that you would take away the mystery. People may laugh or take you seriously and be more careful. ;)