Thursday, June 16, 2011


When I was at the zoo this month I went on the Skyfari. A ski-lift-like ride that takes you up over the entire zoo and to the top of pachyderm hill. Of course I had my camera, and I took a whole bunch of areal shots.
Zoo4 091
This is the beginning of the Skyfari, I took this picture before I went on the ride.
Zoo4 295
The Skyfari begins at the giraffes.
Zoo4 296Zoo4 297Zoo4 298Zoo4 300Zoo4 301Zoo4 302Zoo4 304
I loved seeing the Garden of the senses from above. I think it looks even cooler from the air. Though, most things do. :)
Zoo4 306Zoo4 307Zoo4 308Zoo4 309Zoo4 310Zoo4 311
This is where my trip up ended. I went to see the rhinos and the sea lions before I rode back down.
Zoo4 489
On the way back down I switched over to my zoom lens so I could get close up shots of the animals.
Zoo4 491
Unfortunately my camera battery died, and I was not willing to risk my camera trying to change the battery in mid air, so I switched to using my point and shoot instead.
Zoo4 511Zoo4 512Zoo4 514
The cheetahs were not out on my trip up, so it was nice to get a glimpse of them on my way back down.
Zoo4 516Zoo4 517Zoo4 518Zoo4 519Zoo4 520Zoo4 521Zoo4 522
Back down to the ground. I plan to ride this in the future too. Hopefully my battery cooperates the next time. :)

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  1. Did anyone every tell you that your world is very random? I'm not sure I would concur that it is little, and personally I've always had a great aversion to the song "Itš a small world after all". But anyway.. you've chosen the title for your blog, and who am I to analyze your choices... jk... I'm jealous of the skyfari... it looks like fun... watch out for elephants and don't read cereal boxes because they stifle your intellect.