Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday in Wisconsin

I had to split this post up.
You can find part 1 HERE.

Sunday we had a cookout in a park.
May 271_thumb
This is Jared, playing with fire.
May 272_thumbMay 273_thumb
Eva’s Dad cooked the food.
May 274_thumb
I took a picture of Dad taking a picture of Eva taking a picture of her dad cooking. I wonder if someone took a picture of me taking a picture of Dad taking a picture of Eva taking a picture of her dad cooking.
May 277_thumbMay 278_thumb
Dad wanted a picture of Jared and Eva, but I think the Army has trained Jared that smiling for photographs is not acceptable behavior. So dad got this face instead.
May 279_thumbMay 280_thumb
After we ate, we went for a walk down by the lake.
May 282_thumbMay 285_thumbMay 286_thumbMay 287_thumbMay 291_thumb
This was Jared, teaching his nieces and nephew to chuck boulders into the water. He was told he was being a bad influence, but he says it’s his duty as an uncle.
May 292_thumbMay 293_thumbMay 302_thumb
Sunday night, an informal church service was held at Eva’s brother Sam’s house. This is where Eva is living while Jared is in Afghanistan, so Jared’s “Baby” Morpheus, lives there too.
May 307_thumbMay 311_thumbMay 323_thumb
After the bible study we had a light supper, since most everyone was still full from lunch, and we sat around a bonfire and made S’Mores.
May 312_thumbMay 313_thumbMay 315_thumbMay 316_thumbMay 317_thumb
Over the weekend, Eva was teaching many members of her family, including me, how to play Cribbage. It’s pretty fun.
May 324_thumb
Such a loving uncle. :p
May 329_thumbMay 330_thumbMay 331_thumbMay 333_thumb
A few people played football.

Eva left her camera in the loft, so she borrowed mine for a couple shots of Jared.

May 318_thumbMay 319_thumb
Part 3 coming soon.

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