Saturday, June 11, 2011

School Update

I don't usually do many picture-less updates for my blog, but lots of people write about their lives without pictures, so I figured it wouldn't hurt this once.

I started my summer semester this week. I am taking two classes, three days a week. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have Algebra class. Not fun, but I have to do it. As has always been the case for me with math, I don't like doing it, but I don't have many problems with it. In fact, when I took the pretest to find out where I needed to start learning, I scored so high my teacher had me skip the first section completely and move right into the second section. There are only three sections, so I am already over a third of the way done, and I've only been in the class a week. And I am so far along in the second section, that I doubt it'll take me more than a week or two to finish it as well.

On Fridays I am taking a nutrition class. I know it probably sounds weird that an art student is taking a nutrition class, but we have to take so many random general education classes from all different categories of knowledge. Nutrition counts as a science class, so that's why I am taking that one. Plus out of all the classes that were offered, that one at least sounded interesting, and it seemed like something I should learn, so I decided to go with that one. It is a very different learning environment than I have had before. For starters, it is not at college, it is at the library. There is a conference room in the basement set up with cameras and microphones. Our teacher is not there, she is in Clarinda. She has a similar set up where she teaches from and we see each other with a big screen TV. I'm not sure how homework will be handed in, I'm assuming we'll have to type everything and e-mail it to her.

The last thing I want to report, is that this week I got a letter from school telling me that yet again I have made the president's honor role. So far I have gotten almost all As and very few B's in everything. Hopefully I am able to keep this up all the way through my education! :) Minus the B's, I'd much rather get A's. :) Yes, I probably am an overachiever. :)

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