Monday, June 27, 2011

Cars 2 and a “Brave” Debut

Last night I went to see Cars 2. I can say for certain that it was 10 times better than the first one, and I really liked the first one. The movie focused mainly on Mater and two new characters, Finn McMissile, and Holly Shiftwell. Mater is caught up in an espionage plot that eventually threatens the life of his best friend Lightning McQueen. It was like a James Bond film if James Bond were a car. All the other characters from the first film were there as well, but Mater was the star.

It was hilarious and exciting. I highly recommend this movie, and if my cousin is able to go with me, I will be seeing it a second time. I almost never see a movie twice in the theater, so you know it was good. :)

Also, now that it has debuted in theaters, the teaser trailer for Pixar’s next film, “Brave” is now out. It is very short, but it looks like it will be a beautiful movie. It appears that it will be Pixar’s most mature film to date. Pixar has always made mature films, they just do them in such a way that the entire family will be engaged. What I mean by most mature, is that it appears that this will be more of a drama than a comedy, as Pixar’s other films were more comedy than drama. Either way, I can’t wait! It looks amazing!

As an aside, the new short, Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation was a laugh riot! All the Characters from Toy Story 3 were back. The plot focus was on Ken and Barbie, who wanted to go to Hawaii with Bonnie. When they are left behind, the other Toys do their best to bring Hawaii to them. Make sure that if you go to see Cars 2, you get there early enough to See the Brave Trailer, and Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation!

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