Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To the Zoo with Matthew

Zoo3 717

This month, instead of going to the zoo alone, I went with my friend Matthew. We had a great time and visited a few places I had never gone before. I have a ton of pictures, as usual. I will be doing my regular post here, and then I will also be doing posts of my more “Artistic” (In my opinion anyway) pictures on my photo blog.

Zoo3 011Zoo3 035Zoo3 043

This little frog cracked me up. I’m not sure what exactly he was looking for. :)

Zoo3 050Zoo3 051Zoo3 054

I finally got a better picture of this female parrot.

Zoo3 056

There were docents walking around the Animal Kingdom Pavilion with animals for people to pet. I petted this ball python. It was a lot warmer than one would imagine. Snakes are cold blooded, but that doesn’t mean they’re cold to the touch.

Zoo3 068

Peacocks all over the place, as usual.

Zoo3 075

They were really shrieking that morning.

Zoo3 152

If it were legal to own an okapi, I would. How could anyone NOT love that face? :)

Zoo3 259

I hadn’t realized the zoo had two okapis! I wonder if they just got the second one. It is fenced off from the main one.

Zoo3 203

I took a ton of pictures of the okapi. I will do an entirely separate post on my photo blog just about him.

Zoo3 264

This hornbill was pretty crazy. He kept running all around the fence trying to get people to feed him.

Zoo3 273

Blogger is not wanting to publish my post, it may be that I have too many pictures, so I am going to have to split up this post into more than one. Be on the lookout for part two soon!

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