Friday, May 20, 2011

To the Zoo With Matthew: Part 4

Zoo3 756

Part 1 HERE.

Part 2 HERE.

Part 3 HERE.


It was about here that we decided that we should be taking pictures of each other. I had my other camera along, so I let Matthew use that one.



We had to do this at least once. :)


I’ve got so many more pictures of giraffes, that they will also get their own post on my photo blog.


We took pictures of each other by the giraffes. There is no better backdrop at the zoo! :)



Zoo3 735

Before we left we took a bunch of pictures of us together. I used a remote and just kept firing away as we talked. I will make a completely different post about that at a later date. It’s fun to just look through them and see all the different expressions. :)

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