Thursday, January 13, 2011

My First Day Outside With my New Camera

Today is my first day back to work since I got sick. One little problem. My car was buried during the last snowstorm, and I couldn’t go anywhere until I freed it.
Winter 015
Winter 016
So I decided that since I had to go outside anyway, I might as well bring my new camera with me. The snow is past the point where it was pretty, but I still found stuff to take pictures of.
Such as cats. Smile
Winter 002
Winter 003
Winter 004
Spike was the only one around before I got my car cleaned off.
Winter 005
Winter 007
I found the cat’s food pan!
Winter 012
Off to seek shelter.
Winter 018
Our house looks much nicer when you can’t see the dirt pile we have for a lawn. Smile with tongue out
Winter 019
Winter 023
Winter 025
Squeak lives the good life in the old packing house.
Winter 026
He went outside, looked around, and wanted right back in.
Winter 027
Winter 028
Winter 033
Winter 035
Winter 036
Winter 038
Stop taking pictures! I’m tryin’ to sleep!
Winter 039
Winter 040
Winter 041
Grandma’s looks nice still.
Winter 042
Winter 043
I tried to make this one look like a scene in the wilderness.
Winter 044
Winter 046
Our firewood. The legs from all the old mushroom trays.
Winter 047
Winter 048
So cold and alone…
One other thing I might mention here, I got new boots yesterday. I actually haven’t had a pair of boots in years so I’m pretty excited about these. They’re made in Canada, so I had to show them to dad when I got home.
Winter 001
I posted this picture to facebook and captioned it: My new boots. Proudly made in the land of my forfathers, eh? Smile with tongue out

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