Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Potato Sausage Soup

Yesterday I got out of school early, so I made supper since both mom and dad were at work. I started by cooking some potatoes and carrots. Once they were cooked and drained I set them aside.

Soup 007

Then I chopped up some Celery and onions and put them into a stock pot.

Soup 001Soup 014

I then added four undrained cans of mushrooms and two cans of cream of mushroom soup. I also added water, but I didn’t measure any of this. I usually cook by estimates. I make big batches of soup. If you want to make this just use however much you like.

Next I cubed up two pounds of smoked sausage. Again, this was a big batch, so for a smaller batch, two pounds would be way too much.

Soup 024

I turned this on to high to bring it to a boil, then I added two cans of cream corn, and grated in a pound of Pepper Jack cheese. For smaller batches, I use a half a pound, but I hardly ever make small batches of anything. Smile with tongue out

Soup 025Soup 030

I seasoned it with black pepper and parsley. Once it boils it’s almost done. Just before I was ready to serve it I added two cans of rinsed black beans, and the potatoes and carrots I cooked before.

Soup 031

Cook it a little longer till these new vegetables have heated though and it’s done.

Soup 042

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