Thursday, January 13, 2011

Death of a Gingerman

If you’ve looked through my experimental album on facebook, you will have no doubt seen this series of pictures I took. But if you don’t have a facebook, I thought I should post these for you. I was looking around last night trying to find things to photograph with my new camera. It’s pretty hard when the house is still a mess from the floods this Summer. I found mom's stack of containers of Christmas goodies, and decided that the gingerbread men would make good photography subjects.
Experiments 071
Experiments 072
Then I decided to focus on just one.
Experiments 073
Experiments 074
Then I decided to eat him. Smile with tongue out After I took a bite, I thought, “Hey, this would make a good picture too!”
Experiments 075
Then my crazy came out and I went to the fridge for some ketchup. Smile with tongue out
Experiments 081
Experiments 082
Poor little gingerbread man. He was so young…

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