Friday, January 14, 2011

New Toys! Oh, and school happened too…

Today was day two of my second semester, but even more exciting is the fact that I got a couple of new toys for my camera! The first was one that I ordered with my camera. Doing so saved me $150! It is a zoom lens, and it is really nice.

Camera 009

It can bring objects into focus that are much farther away than the basic lens can. It can’t do anything close up, but for things farther away, it’s great.

Camera 013

Unlike little point and shoot lenses, the lens extends out as you zoom in.

Camera 014

The other thing that I got was an external flash.

Camera 010

I had never seen the point to these, as a flash always creates a harsh light on the subject you’re photographing. But that is just the flash that is built in, because it is aimed directly at the subject. Once I read how to use an external flash, I knew I needed one. An external flash solves the harsh lighting problem by allowing you to aim the flash somewhere else and bounce the light off the ceiling or the wall. It lights your scenes much better than a plain flash can.

Camera 016

Camera 017Camera 018

So, after opening them and figuring out how to work them, I took my camera outside to test out the new zoom lens. It is so much better for outdoors than the basic lens.

Winter 065

Winter 067

Winter 069

Winter 070

I have more pictures of cats that are really good, so I’m going to save them for a separate blog post. Otherwise the posts take forever to upload.

Winter 084

Winter 086

Winter 091

Winter 098

There are a few more pictures that I took that weren’t quite as good as these, but I did make a facebook album if you want to see them.

Ok, back to school. Today I got my first assignment in my photography class. 30 pictures of any subject matter of my choice. Subject matter being something like nature or houses. My teacher was very clear that he did not mean a subject, such as a flower or one building. He said that no matter what someone always misunderstands him and brings in 30 pictures of their coffee cup or something, so he wanted to be as clear as possible that he wanted variety in our pictures. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. Maybe cats. I’ve been taking a lot of cat pictures lately. Smile

Our lesson today was about the different settings on our cameras, and what they mean. He had us take some test shots, so I’ll share them here. As a bonus you can see what my teacher looks like. Smile with tongue out

Winter 053

That’s my teacher, Rob Walters in the background.

Winter 054

My other ones were finding different ways to look at the phone on the desk.

Winter 055

Winter 056

Framing and camera angles make a big difference.

Come back tomorrow for pictures of cats! Doesn’t that sound exciting beyond measure? Smile with tongue out

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