Monday, January 3, 2011

My Drawing 1 Final

For our final drawing we were supposed to draw a picture with at least 6 figures in it. These weren’t supposed to be realistic humans, they were to look more like drawing mannequins. I chose to draw the scene in Bethlehem where the Angel of the Lord appears to the shepherds and announces Jesus birth. I used quite a bit more than six figures, as I did the entire flock of sheep and a dog in mannequin style too. Keep in mind that this was a multi-week project, and I even took the final drawing home to work on it.
To begin the project we were to practice drawing mannequins. I drew one as a ballet dancer first.
We were then supposed to come up with thumbnail sketch ideas for a final drawing.
Ultimately I didn’t use mine.
16 - 1
16 - 2
16 - 3
After that I practiced drawing an angel, mannequin style.
Then I tried out different poses.
After all that, and a few weeks of drawing, this was the final result. The legs of the angel bother me a little. They look too short, but it’s supposed to look like he is flying toward the viewer, and his legs are farther away than his head.
All in all though I am pretty happy with it, considering how long it took to draw it.
This is the end of my drawing assignments for last semester. This semester I will begin Drawing 2, so we’ll see what kind of assignments I will get. I will have the same teacher, so I may not get my drawings back right away again, and I may end up posting them all after the semester is over as I did this last semester.
School starts in a couple of weeks! After being sick in the house all month, I can’t wait! Open-mouthed smile

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