Monday, August 8, 2011

Giant Ugly Swans!

So, on Saturday I apparently witnessed something that the zookeepers had never seen before.


Zoo6 051

The zookeeper there said she had never seen the ostriches do this before, and if they got any closer we were all to back off, because ostriches can be unpredictable and dangerous. The moat is there to separate the giraffes and ostriches from the people. There is a little fence between the moat and the people as well, but I think that it is mainly to keep the little kids from falling in, and the penguins from getting out. It wouldn’t stand a chance against a rouge ostrich or giraffe.

Zoo6 036

The ostriches weren’t interested in attacking anyone though. I knew why they were in there, and I am really surprised that the zookeeper said she didn’t know. From the way she was dressed, she may have been a docent, not a zookeeper, but I would think that she still should have been able to figure out why they were in the water. It was flamin’ hot out!

Zoo6 041

The poor birds were trying to get cooled off. I felt like hopping the fence and joining them, it was really miserable out. Though, I think if I had done that I really would have had to worry about an ostrich attack.

Zoo6 057

It was really amusing to watch them flapping around and ducking down to get as much of their body in the water as they could.

Zoo6 081

As you can see, they aren’t really swimming, they’re just walking on the bottom.

Zoo6 098

I love going to the zoo. You never know what you are going to see. :)

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