Sunday, August 7, 2011

Little Kids at the Zoo

There’s always lots of little kids around me when I’m at the zoo, and it can be really hilarious to listen to them as they look at the animals. I heard quite a few things that really cracked me up yesterday.
Zoo6 185
“Do you know why a gawaffe swings it taio? To get da fwies off of it!”
(This was a kid who was only about two or three, and he was talking to two kids about the same age. That’s actually pretty smart for a kid his age!)

Zoo6 187
“Dad! Wook at da ostwiche’s bottom!”

Zoo6 263
“Look! A owange!”

Zoo6 312
“There’s a BABY ostrich!”

Zoo6 280
“But WHY can’t you eat one?”

Zoo6 249
“Look! It’s a zebra butt!”

Zoo6 101
“HEY! They’re havin’ a penguin Par-Tay! HA HA HA HA!!!!”

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  1. *Bursts out laughing* That's priceless! Thanks for sharing! XD