Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I’ve Been Rather Busy…

So I’ve kind of been neglecting my blog the last few days. I hope that this will not be a continuing habit, as I like to make regular posts, but with being back in school now, it is kind of hard.

School is going ok so far. And by ok, I mean simply that, ok. It isn’t going great, but it isn’t going bad. The reason it hasn’t been going great, is for many reasons, each class has had its own form of unpleasant-ness.

Digital Photography is the first class. To begin with, on the first day we received an e-mail from our teacher, telling us that class would be held in another room, in another building, clear across campus. (By the way, this teacher was my teacher in Photography 1 and both Joel’s and my teacher a year ago in Launching the Imagination) So we go to the new room and find our teacher standing outside with a huge group of students. The room had been reserved for a faculty meeting. So we had no room and ended up going back to the art center and having a very abbreviated class in the entry hall. The reason the class had been moved was because the room that we were supposed to be using has not even been finished being built yet. It was supposed to have been finished quite some time ago, but has not been yet. Apparently this new room will be a state of the art Mac lab with scanners and printers and everything a computer artist could ask for, so hopefully, this inconvenience will be worth it.

Biology is the second class, and it is so far the worst class I have ever taken. (This is not to say it’s awful, as I haven’t ever taken any truly awful classes, but in the time I have spent at school, this one wins for most unpleasant) I really hope it will get better, but when someone gives you a bad first impression, it is very hard to change your mind about a person. Our teacher gave me a bad first impression by telling Joel and I that we were not allowed to work together. She did not ask nicely, she straight-up told us, “One of you is going to have to move.” She has some sort of problem with relatives working together and claims that one will do all the work and the other will do nothing. I don’t know what kind of wacko-land she’s from, but this is not a problem that exists solely between relatives. In fact, I would go so far as to say that when this is an issue, it almost always will be with non-relatives. Regardless of her issues, the appropriate response to finding out that we were related would have been to explain why she has an issue with it, and then request that we find a different partner, instead of treating us like misbehaving kindergarteners.

Other than the teacher, I like the class, the material is pretty fascinating. I have always loved science, that is why I wanted to take this course to begin with. I just didn’t count on having a vicious harpy for a teacher. Ok, so she isn’t really that bad, I’m still just ticked off at her, so you’ll have to excuse my hyperbole. I’ll get over it, and blogging about it helps. :) Also, I tend to (Sometimes foolishly) look for the good in everyone, so I’m sure I’ll warm up to her eventually. (Unless she really is evil… :p) I don’t think she is trying to be a “Mean ol’ school marm”, she did say many times that she was having an especially bad day, so that most likely played into her demeanor. I think once I get over the teacher, I will really like the class. Until November that is…

Toward the end of November there is a day in biology set aside for dissecting a pig fetus, so I have been thinking of ways to have a tragic accident or get myself deathly ill in order to avoid that day. So far I haven’t really thought of any diseases or injuries that I’d rather have, so I may just end up having to go anyway. It’s not like I’m too squeamish, and am going to puke at having to cut up a baby pig, I just do not want to do it. (If there were no such profession as “Butcher” I would be a vegetarian. There is no way I’d kill an animal myself for food.) That particular class is in late November though, so I can always pray for divine intervention in the form of an interstate-closing blizzard… You can pray with me if you’d like. :)

The last class that we have to travel for is Painting 1. “What!?” you ask. “Why didn’t you have a great time in that one?! You’ve been looking forward to it all year!” Well, after traveling almost an hour to get to the class, all we ended up doing was going over the syllabus and introducing ourselves, with the promise of getting started next week. So almost two hours of drive time for twenty minutes of sitting in a classroom, when what I wanted to be doing was learning how to paint. That’s why it wasn’t a great class. I hope that the second day of Painting, which is tomorrow, will be better. Speaking of which, I really need to be getting to bed…

Before I go, I’ll quickly mention my history and geography classes, which are on-line. Both of those only fall into “Ok” territory, because they are mainly reading and fact memorizing. I was really looking forward to using the geography coloring book, but that doesn’t get used until toward the end of the semester, so that was somewhat of a disappointment too.

So all in all, my first week of school was not a good one. I am forever an optimist though, so I’m sure that it will get better. :) I can’t wait until my first real painting class! :D

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