Thursday, August 4, 2011


So I’ve been hanging on to these pictures for a long time. I keep forgetting to post them, but tonight I am FINALLY getting to it!

These are all pictures from our trip to the PBR challenge. They are of the semi-insane clown, Jester, and the two bullfighters who performed the same job as a rodeo clown, only without the makeup.

PBR 125

He danced a LOT.

PBR 126PBR 127PBR 128PBR 129PBR 130

It’s a good thing he’s a clown because without that face paint on, he would quickly have been dragged away by the men in white coats.

PBR 131PBR 132PBR 133PBR 135

Apparently people weren’t appreciating his dance skills loud enough.

PBR 334PBR 335PBR 337PBR 338

PBR 535

Being the head clown apparently means that in addition to being the only clown allowed to speak to the audience, you can also force the other clowns to do the dangerous stunts that could possibly get them killed.

PBR 536


PBR 537

How could playing on a teeter totter possibly be THAT dangerous?

PBR 538


PBR 539

Set a wild bull free in the arena and let it charge at the teeter totter.

PBR 540PBR 541PBR 542PBR 543PBR 544PBR 545PBR 546PBR 547PBR 548PBR 549

Getting frustrated with the antics of the impudent clowns, Ferdinand changed tactics and tried to kick them down from their seats.

PBR 550PBR 551PBR 552PBR 553PBR 554PBR 555

After this went on for several minutes, they finally let the poor bull go back to his pen and get away from the bouncing men in cowboy hats.

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