Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OK Go & the Muppets

Some of you may know who Ok Go is. For those of you who don’t, they are a band who are famous for their incredibly elaborate and creative music videos that they've released on YouTube. I like their videos better than I like their music, just because they are so different, and fascinating to watch.

A few weeks ago I heard that Walt Disney records was releasing an album of Muppet songs covered by big name artists, with OK Go taking on The Muppet Show Theme song. I heard a preview of the song and I thought it was just ok. As I said before, I’m more a fan of their videos than their actual music.

Then the following trailer hit the internet, and that’s when I got excited.

Yesterday they released this “Behind-The-Scenes” video, and it was very funny.

Today they finally released the finished video and it is hilarious! All the creativity of OK Go, and all the insanity of the Muppets. I Loved it!

UPDATE 8/26:

OK Go just posted a more in depth behind-the-scenes video of making of the music video.

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