Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011 Iowa Straw Poll

Saturday morning at 7:00, Mom, me, James, and Jacob, as well as our cousin Sarah, all took a bus, paid for by the organization “Strong America Now”, at 7:00 in the morning to travel to Ames to cast our vote in the first big Republican event of the political season, the Iowa Straw Poll. (I think that was one of the longest sentences I’ve ever typed.)

August 110

We all wore our “Strong America Now” t-shirts. (Sarah got one later)

August 111

Some friends, Carla and Eric Glover also rode the same bus.

August 112

Sarah brought along her sewing to keep her busy

August 113

The stage in the tent where our organization had it’s headquarters.

August 114August 115

There were a ton of tents set up. One for every presidential candidate, and a bunch more for other organizations.

August 117August 118

This was our tent. It was even air conditioned!

August 119August 120

Sarah kept asking me to take her picture, and I gladly complied, as it is very rare that anyone asks me to take their picture. Most of my family hates it when people take their picture.

August 121

This was the only picture I got anyone besides Sarah to pose for.

August 123August 132

The reason Sarah asked for so many pictures, was to show off each new item she acquired.

August 133August 134August 136

There were quite a few historically costumed people there, but this guy was the best. I love bagpipe music. (I also love jokes about how awful bagpipe music is, but that’s another story :p)

August 143

Michele Bachman had a blimp flying above her tent so her supporters could find her.

August 144

There was a huge windmill blade there for people to sign.

August 148August 150August 151August 152

The sky was amazing the whole day.

August 155

Sarah showing off her “Strong” America Now shirt.

August 156August 160August 166August 167

This was when we went to get our tickets to vote. They wanted all the Strong America Now members to march together to show how big our group was. As you can see there were a lot of us.

August 170

I spotted Carla ahead of us.

August 171

Sarah with her ticket.

August 175

Anyone willing to pay that much for a bottle of Coke? I’m not. This machine was almost empty, so plenty of other people must have been.

August 176

The stadium was huge. Mom, Me, and Sarah sat almost near the top, and it was pretty full. (According to Eric, MSNBC was reporting that there were only a few hundred people in there. Apparently MSNBC needs to go back to kindergarten for counting lessons.)

August 178

We missed a couple speeches, but I saw the people I wanted to see.

August 189

Ron Paul was the first speech we heard.

August 190

Then Tim Pawlenty

August 197

Michele Bachmann

August 215

Thaddeus McCotter

August 220

And Herman Cain.

August 217

James and Jacob came in later and sat way on the other side of the stadium in a place with as few people as possible. James called mom and told her where they were so we could spot them.

August 229

We went to vote after the speeches were over, and we had to dip our fingers in blue ink, so Sarah and I took each other’s pictures.

August 230August 228

This was the railing going down the stairs outside the building where the voting took place. Sarah noticed it first and thought it would make an interesting picture.

August 233

Back on the bus at the end of the day, Sarah had me take a few more pictures.

August 235August 238August 241August 243August 245

This is Ivah, Eric and Carla’s daughter.

August 248August 258

I amused myself by taking pictures of her. :)

August 261

We passed through a huge wind farm on the way home.

August 263

Ivah was so cute and kept pointing to them exclaiming, “Fans!”

August 240

Sarah kept falling asleep on the way home. I can’t blame her. We were all tired.

August 264

And that was our day at the Straw Poll. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to be as politically active during this next election as I have been in years past, what with being back in school now, but I’ll try to be, and I will be sure to bring my camera with me. :)

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