Friday, February 4, 2011


Okay, confession time. I’ve been wasting a bunch of time on the cheezburger network. Mainly on the “Daily Squee” site. What is it about cute animals that draws my mouse pointer in like a magnet? So after posting two in a row to facebook, I decided that maybe I should just put together a blogpost with my favorites. You all wanted to see a bunch of baby animals today anyway right?

First off was a mama and baby giraffe. Yeah. I’m quite predictable aren’t I? Smile with tongue out
I’m in love with this picture. Smile
Next was this animated gif. I seriously laughed out loud. Is that bad of me? Poor bird… Smile with tongue out
This next picture is for mom. HOW CUTE IS THAT FROG?!?
Mom gave me a weird look when she saw this next one and said “Now I’ve seen everything.”
Love the cheeks. Smile

Ok, I knew sugar gliders were cute on their own, but I never knew how cute they were as babies until I saw this picture!
Pigs are some of the ugliest nastiest, filthiest creatures to ever walk the planet. Unless they’re teeny.
Another for mom:
Another giraffe!
The caption under this next one said that this is what happens when an Easter egg hatches. I think they were right. Smile
How adorably smelly. Smile
This picture is just amazing. That is one lucky photographer!
People who think sloths are ugly might have to rethink their position on such matters after seeing this next picture. Who couldn’t love that little face?
This one just made me laugh. The first thing I thought of was the echidna from The Legend of the Guardians. “I FORETOLD YOU SO!” Open-mouthed smile
And speaking of owls… Smile I love this one.
Second only to my love of giraffes and relatives, is my love of horses and relatives. Smile
Like this Somali Wild Ass. No I did not just make a swear. That’s its real name. And I want one. Bad.
Okay, I think that will be enough for now. It is just after midnight. I’d better put away the cutes and get ready for bed. Smile

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