Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Desk

Last week in Comp 1 one assignment was to describe everything on your desk. It’s probably one of my most boring pieces of writing. Oh well. At least I got an A on it. :)

My desk is somewhat of an organized mess. Everything is in its place, but it has a certain chaotic-ness about it. Directly in front of me is my computer, with a purple, wireless mouse on a black mouse pad with a memory foam rest for my wrist beside it.
To the left is a green Camelbak water bottle from the store at school, with our school's initials on the side. Surrounding that is my small Point-and-shoot camera, three packs of gum, and a few random pieces of trash, waiting for me to take them to the garbage in the next room - a folded paper towel, two used Kleenexes, an envelope, and a full pencil sharpener.
To my right is a large set of markers. They were designed for small hands, as they are only about half the size of regular markers. I bought them because of the variety of colors, and the handy display case. There is also an air blaster and a Lenspen for cleaning my DSLR camera. In addition, I have a box of Kleenex, some random writing utensils, and a camera bag containing my camcorder.
To the back of my desk, behind my computer, I have four plastic organizer trays. There are two small ones to the left, and two large ones to the right. In the bottom left one I keep a set of markers and some scratch paper. The markers are in a large set by Crayola, and include some special edition scented colors. Most have a fruity aroma, though one smells quite a bit like the hospital where I spent the night a month ago - sterile and clean, like bargain brand soap. In the tray on top I have a text book for Comp 2, waiting until I have finished this Comp 1 class. I also have a couple of small sketch books, a pencil, a set of watercolors and brushes, and a photograph from my sister-in-law of me and my brothers, with her, at her wedding to my brother Jared. Lastly there are two mix CDs that my cousin made for me. She put in a lot of music that we both love, Celtic, Classical, and even a few silly choices like a lively, polka-inspired rendition of the Chicken Dance.
In the bottom large tray I have a bunch of random papers. Most I will probably never look at again, but they are documents that I probably should not throw away, just in case I ever need them. In the top tray I have a tin of artist pencils in varying degrees of hardness, a strap for my camera bag, a pencil holder full of sharpies with a scissor handle sticking out above the colored lids. There is also a small tube of hand lotion, an empty pencil sharpener, a USB cable for my iPod, a mini stapler, a red bracelet to wear in support for our troops, and a Zippo lighter I got for Christmas from my mom. It has a picture of my favorite animal, the giraffe on it.

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