Thursday, February 3, 2011

I wrote the ending to Spider-Man 4!

Last week as an assignment for my Comp 1 class I was supposed to write the ending to Spider-Man 4. The instructions were as follows:

Save Spidey!

Hollywood has contacted you to help write the climax of "Spider-Man 4."  In this scene, the Green Goblin has trapped Spidey at the bottom of sky-high water tower, and he's desperate to be saved. Using your narrative skills, along with the rules below, write Spider-Man out of the situation. You may even, if you decide, kill off Spider-Man and save the world from future sequels. Here are the rules:

Spider-Man's web-shooter has run dry, so he can't spin himself a web to escape the situation.

No passing dogs (or birds, insects, or other animals -- including humans) may be used to rescue Spider Man.
  • No spirits or ghosts may be used.
  • The water tank is high enough off the ground that a fall from it would do Spidey in.
  • It is night and the weather is freezing rain.
  • Come up with in the neighborhood of 100 words.

So I typed up a quick story. Well, I tried to anyway. After I put it into Microsoft Word, I found that it was over eleven times longer than it needed to be. I submitted it anyway. I got full points for it. :)
Most of the other student's stories had Spider-Man summoning his last bit of strength to fight off the Green Goblin. Wow. That is, like, SOOOOOOO imaginative! I, like, NEVER would have thought of THAT! They should all be hired as, like, big name writers in, like, Hollywood or someplace!
So I suppose you are wondering how I saved Spidey? Well, I saved my story so I could share it with you. I can pretty much guarantee that no one in Hollywood would have come up with my ending.

Spider-Man 4 - The Final Scene

The freezing rain beat down upon Spider-man's mask as he looked up into the face of his would be killer. Unable to shoot any webs, he was at the insane supervillain's mercy. Clinging to the railing on the water tower, he was about to lose his grip. The icy rain was just too much. He looked down to the ground below, the vast field of thistles and Venus Flytraps briefly illuminated by several flashes of lightning. The Green Goblin's hideous mask leered at him through the rain, eerily lit by one of the tower spotlights.

"After all these years! I have finally won!" He shrieked in triumph. "Soon you will plunge to your death! My Triumph will -" His monologue was cut short by the screech of some otherworldly monster, and what sounded like a small jet. Through the rain came what appeared to be a massive pterodactyl, covered with vines and flowers, being ridden by a fiery red headed woman in a green dress. Following her close behind was a black aircraft, its headlights beaming onto the winged beast and its rider. A missile shot from the aircraft, and struck the monster. It screamed in agony and crashed into the tower. The jet flew by at lightning speed and disappeared into the night. The woman tumbled from her fallen steed, and landed next to the goblin.

"Ivy?" he exclaimed in bewilderment. "What are you doing here? If our publishers saw us together we'd be fired instantly!" Poison Ivy leaped to her feet.

"Shut up!” She hissed, looking down at Spider-Man. "You want the world to know we're dating? No one would have known if you hadn't opened your big mouth. I knew you were a bad idea after your cheesy pick-up lines at Club Evil last week, but I chose to ignore my better judgment. We're through!"

"No!" The goblin cried out in anguish. "I love you! I'm perfect for you! Give me a chance to prove it to you!

"No. We're through! And so are you! I don't need you opening your big mouth and letting it slip to someone important that I dated someone from Marvel comics!" She ran to her fallen mount and grabbed a small green orb out of the saddlebag and hurled it toward the Green Goblin. He jumped back and the orb sailed down into the inky blackness. A small explosion and a yellow green flash came from the field below. "You fool! That was my last mutant spore bomb! I've wasted it when I could have used it to defeat Batman!"

"Please! Ivy! I love you! I'll prove it! I'll put off defeating my hero and help you defeat yours! Nothing is more important to me than you! Please!"

"Hmph!" Ivy snorted, and folded her arms and turned away from him.

"Well, isn't this a pretty picture." a deep voice chuckled, emerging from the darkness on the other side of the enormous dead reptile.

"Batman?" Ivy gasped in surprise and anger. "What are you doing here? I saw your jet fly away!"

"I have an eject button and an auto-pilot." He replied. "You do the math."

"You'll never take me alive." Poison Ivy growled. "Besides, even if you did, there's no way to get me back to Gotham. You killed my Morning-Gloridactyl, and your Bat Plane flew on without you."

Batman stared at her and calmly reached down to a button in his utility belt. Almost instantly the Batwing flew from the darkness and hovered behind him. "Now, shall we do this the easy way or the hard way?"

"How about NO way!" The Green Goblin screamed, and hurled a pumpkin bomb toward the small aircraft. The explosion was instant. Batman was blown into the side of the water tower and knocked unconscious, while the flaming remains of the plane fell into the field of flytraps below.

"Oh, Gobbie!" Poison Ivy Exclaimed. "You do care! I take it all back! Let’s get out of here and go somewhere nice. My new leaf dress is getting all wet from our clich├ęd villain-fights-hero-in-the-rain battle."

"Sure, my little Schmoopsie-Poo, but first I have a little spider problem to deal with." He turned and looked down. Spider-Man was gone. Suddenly from below they heard a rumbling. The tower began to shake and vines covered in pink flowers and sharp needles began crawling around them.

"Looking for someone?" a voice from below asked.

"Spider-Man?" the Green Goblin exclaimed. "But how? A fall from this height would have killed you!"

"True, but not if I landed on something soft enough to break my fall." As he spoke, a massive plant rose out of the darkness, with Spider-Man sitting triumphantly on top. "Thanks for throwing that mutant spore bomb into the Venus Flytrap and thistle field, Ivy. I would be dead if it weren't for my new pal, Chompy here." The plant leaned into the light from the tower's spotlights, and gave them a leering, toothy grin. "Get 'em Chompy." commanded Spider-Man, and the plant shot out its jaws like a snake at a mouse, swallowing the two villains whole.

Spider-Man jumped down from the plant and walked over to Batman who was beginning to stir.

"What happened?" Batman asked dazedly as the rain began to subside.

"Well, somehow you chased Poison Ivy so far out of Gotham City that you left DC comics altogether, and ended up in the middle of the climax of my greatest, most epic battle with the Green Goblin ever. He was going to poison all the water in this tower! He destroyed your plane and knocked you out. Poison Ivy had some type of bomb that mutated the plants out in the field into... that thing." He said, pointing to Chompy. I fell onto its head, and it decided it liked me. Now it does whatever I say. It ate the Green Goblin and Poison Ivy. Don't worry. They should survive, and we can take them to jail, as long as it spits them out in a day or two." I'll use the goblin's glider to fly us back to the city. Chompy can follow us and I'll have him spit them out at the police station."

"Wow. That story is so crazy, I'd never believe it if I didn't know I was a superhero in a comic book!" Batman exclaimed. "Now let’s get going. Alfred is going to be wondering where I went, and I promised Robin I'd read him a bedtime story." They stepped onto the glider and it lifted into the air.

"Follow us Chompy! Spider-Man called to the giant plant. "Try not to digest those villains too fast!" and they flew off toward the lights of the city.

 The instructions specifically said he couldn't be saved by any animals, people, or aircraft. They said nothing about giant, sentient, man-eating plants. :D Let me know what you thought of my story. :)

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