Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shutter Speed and Aperture: Starring Eva!

A week ago Jared’s wife Eva and her brother Sam visited for a day. The first thing we did was to visit Grandma. I was supposed to be taking pictures for photography class demonstrating different uses of shutter speed and aperture, so I brought my camera with me to try to figure it out. I still don’t quite have it down, but I got enough acceptable pictures for the assignment. If some look weird it’s because I was using the NON-Automatic camera settings. Keeping the shutter open too long causes severe motion blur, but it can make some cool effects if you do it right.I’ve still got a ways to go, but I did get a few to look interesting.

Tests 025

This one captures the motion of Eva’s hand as she pets Penny.

Tests 028

This one captures her gestures.

Tests 042

As you can see, grandma is doing a lot better these days.

Later that afternoon, Eva, Sam, and I played Monopoly, but when I ran out of money I started taking some more pictures.

Tests 051

I like this one. I had the camera on a tripod, and I used a very long shutter speed. You can see that her legs never move, but she was moving all over the place.

Tests 050

Believe it or not, this used the exact same shutter speed as the picture of Eva. This just goes to show you how little cats move. Smile with tongue out

Tests 053

Sam pretended he was afraid of losing, but he had a whole pile of five hundred dollar bills hidden under his 100s.

Tests 060

Eva has the exact same model of camera that I do. Jared got it for her for Christmas.

Tests 068

This one I tried using an aperture setting that would be similar to using the camera’s “Portrait” mode, focusing on the subject, and blurring the background. Look! You can hardly tell that the school room is full of junk from the basement!

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