Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick and Easy Fresh Salsa

I haven’t posted a recipe in quite awhile, and other than a couple recipes, I’ve only posted soups. Well today, I’m posting my recipe for a VERY easy FRESH salsa recipe. It’s not GARDEN fresh, but it’s the middle of February. Beggars can’t be choosers. Smile

To begin, peel and core a tomato.

Salsa 004

Then chop it up and put in in a bowl.

Salsa 006

Then dice up onions,

Salsa 010

And Green Pepper,

Salsa 011

And mix it all together.

Salsa 013

Here I added black beans, but that isn’t a must. I’ve made it without before, and it’s just as good. If you do add them, be sure to drain and rinse them. Salsa with bean syrup would just be nasty. Smile

Salsa 028

The final ingredient: Picante sauce.

Salsa 023

Since I used hot I opted not to use jalapenos, but you can add them if you want. I’ve made this before with jalapenos and hot picante sauce, and it was REALLY hot.

Mix all this together and it’s done.

Salsa 032

Get some tortilla chips and enjoy. Smile

February 619

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