Thursday, February 10, 2011


I’ve been taking a lot of pictures outside lately. I have to turn in at least 30 pictures each week in my photography class. Our house is in pretty much no condition to take good pictures, and I don’t go many places where I can easily haul out a big camera and start freely snapping pictures. So I have amassed a rather large collection of wintery pictures. Most of them are pretty worthless, but I have gotten very lucky a couple times. I thought that tonight I’d share some of the good ones with you all.

Winter 181

I took this one outside during a snowstorm.

Winter 200

These next three I got super lucky on. There was an amazing sunset one night.

Winter 198

I lined up the camera behind the tree, and the sun was glowing around the shadow.

Winter 199

Doesn’t that look so cool?

February 120

Another lucky find. Notice how the shadow is exactly next to the footprint.

February 058

A little nuthatch at my grandma’s feeder.

February 226

A female cardinal taking off. It was a little blurry, but I liked it too much to scrap it.

February 231

One of our cats stalking the birds. Don’t worry, his hunt was unsuccessful. Smile

February 291

I love how the little nuthatch can skitter around a tree like a squirrel.

February 264

I don’t know if there’s anything in this rain gauge, but it looked like he was drinking out of it.

February 267

I may have been spotted. Smile

February 407

There were some cool (No pun intended. Smile) icicles hanging from my grandma’s roof.

February 439

Some birds in flight. I love my zoom lens. Smile

February 466

Something tells me I was being watched… Smile with tongue out

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