Saturday, July 2, 2011

PBR Challenge Part 2

This is a continuation of my first post about Dad, Joel, Jacob, and my trip to the Professional Bull Rider’s Challenge.

Click HERE for part 1.

PBR 220_thumb

We were there until after dark. Here the sun had just started going down.

PBR 227_thumb

Picture # 227 of why I would never want to be a professional bull rider.

PBR 254_thumbPBR 378_thumb

# 378…

PBR 411_thumb

You would have to be just slightly insane to actually WANT to be a rodeo clown.

PBR 418_thumb

I think this was about halfway through the show.

PBR 419_thumbPBR 422PBR 423_thumbPBR 424PBR 426PBR 427PBR 429PBR 430PBR 431PBR 434_thumb

“All it takes is faith and trust, and a little bit of Pixie Dust!”

PBR 449_thumb

“I think I’m going to wet myself.”

PBR 465_thumb

Would you like some green eggs with that ham?

PBR 471_thumb


PBR 558_thumb

Carly, a coworker from my days at Fareway was also there, just a few rows away.

PBR 560_thumb

These guys could have easily dressed up as clowns for this. They were NOT professionals. These were all people from the audience. They formed teams and were supposed to corner, saddle, and ride a cow. Whoever rode across a line in the dirt first won. Witness here their insanity.

PBR 561_thumbPBR 563_thumbPBR 564_thumb[1]PBR 565_thumb[1]PBR 566_thumb[1]PBR 568_thumb[1]PBR 569_thumb[1]PBR 570_thumb[1]PBR 571_thumb[1]PBR 572_thumb[1]PBR 573_thumb[1]PBR 574_thumb[1]PBR 575_thumb[1]PBR 576_thumb[1]PBR 577_thumb[1]PBR 578_thumb[1]PBR 579_thumb[1]PBR 580_thumb[1]PBR 582_thumb[1]PBR 583_thumb[1]PBR 585_thumb[1]

Apparently he didn’t want to let go… You couldn’t pay me enough to try something so stupid! :p

PBR 586_thumb[1]

A couple times they launched a whole bunch of T-Shirts into the crowd. You’d think they were launching bricks of gold the way the crowd reacted to this…

PBR 588_thumb[1]PBR 593_thumb[1]PBR 687_thumb[1]

The look on the bullfighter’s face here just cracks me up.

PBR 688_thumb[1]PBR 712_thumb[1]

This picture looked really interesting to me. It was so blurry, but around the bull’s eye was focused.

PBR 716_thumb[1]

After the show, the staff all lined up in the arena. The bullfighter’s were probably all off nursing their wounds, and calling their chiropractors. :p

PBR 720_thumb[1]PBR 723_thumb[1]

I tried to get some shots of the cattle afterwards, but the lighting was terrible. It was after dark, and the only light was coming from the arena floodlights, so these were not the greatest.

PBR 724_thumb[1]PBR 725_thumb[1]PBR 726_thumb[1]PBR 727_thumb[1]PBR 728_thumb[1]

I have a couple more themed posts to come. They should be up in a day or two.

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