Saturday, July 9, 2011

Don’t Try This at Home

As I promised, here are two series of photographs that show just how dangerous bull riding can be. (As if you needed any more convincing)
The first is one that shows just the general danger to all involved.
PBR 138PBR 139PBR 140PBR 141PBR 142PBR 143PBR 144PBR 145PBR 146PBR 147PBR 148
If I were that cameraman, I would be very glad for that fence right about now…
The next one shows how dangerous it is, not just for the riders, but for the clowns, or in this case, bullfighters, as well.
PBR 229PBR 230PBR 232
If you’ll notice, the guy got his hand tangled in the rope. The bull is still bucking, thrashing and running around, so not only is the guy getting dragged with him, he’s in danger of getting at least a broken arm if he doesn’t get free.
PBR 233
This is why the bullfighters are so important. They rush in to help, and try to distract the bull.
PBR 234PBR 235PBR 236PBR 237
You can’t see it well, but the rider has just freed himself. Now is where it gets scary for the bullfighter.
PBR 238PBR 239
He was VERY lucky this time. The bull ran over him, but his hooves missed stepping on him.
PBR 240PBR 241PBR 242PBR 243PBR 244
Yeah. I won’t be standing in line at the rodeo clown hiring headquarters any time soon…

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